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Make memes, find memes, save memes, and send memes!


Arguments with {} are mandatory, argmuments with [] are optional

/Caption {template} {top_text} {bottom_text} This command allow you to caption a meme using the given templates, that are auto-suggested. Then input a top and bottom caption, and you will be done, your meme is going to get generated! (This command uses’s api.

/Meme [subreddit] With this command, you can either get a random meme from, or a post from a specific subreddit, by just entering the subreddit’s name (e.g. for r/funny, just input “funny”).

/Gallery Open Open your gallery! That is where memes saved with the button under the /meme and /caption commands will be! Delete unwanted memes, and navigate in all the saved memes

/Gallery Set-Title {new title} [id] Change the title of a meme! It will modify the latest saved meme if no meme id is specified!

/Gallery Send-Meme [id] Send a meme from your gallery in the chat at any time! If no meme id is specified, a pop-up menu will open! Specify the id of the meme you want to send if you know it!

/Gigachadify [user] Gigachadify yourself, a user (turn you/them into a Giga Chad) with this command!

/Chadmeter [user] Have you ever wondered what your Chad level was? Well it’s the opportunity to know! You can even measure the level of another user!

Other commands

Other commands, mostly utility: gc!help - Get help gc!info - Get useful info about the bot gc!invite - Get the link to invite the bot gc!support Get an invite to the support server


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